Eline, The MC digs Deep with: The Root.

The Root;


Established deeply and firmly, the basic cause, source, or origin of something. A root is also a source of support and nourishment. After being featured on one of Kur’s, 180, Eline The MC has resurfaced to bring us a message. The Root. is a tale of perseverance, contemplation, and ultimately triumph. I say triumph because Eline chose to see another day and share these meticulously placed words with the world. Looking up from a dark place Eline reminisces on the good and bad.

She says ” …it got to a point where I felt I couldn’t afford to keep anything else stored in. I felt that the result of me  beginning to openly express myself would help not only me , but others as well. I want to get to a point of not giving a sh*t about how people judge me. With this project I wanted to stop overthinking the concept of opening up.”

Please enjoy The Root. thoroughly and dissect its succulent bitterness.


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