Frank Ocean Gives Free Merch To Voters.

The US midterms are here, which means the opportunity has arrived for American citizens to evaluate the dubious direction in which their country is headed under the watchful eye of Donald Trump. And, with such a polarising figure at the helm of the world’s most mediatised nation, voting has never been more important…

After a dramatic election night, Trump’s Republican Party have held onto their control of the Senate, while the House of Representatives has swung in favour of the Democrats. With this constituting the first time that the Democrats have had control over the lower house of Congress for eight years, these midterms will make it more difficult for Trump to propel his policies.

This pro-Democrat shift will have come as a delight for many who feel alienated by the political climate instilled by Trump’s administration. One such figure is Frank Ocean. Addressing the previous 42% populous of non-voters as “the largest political group in America”, the enigmatic artist opened up several pop-up shops in key cities to reward those who voted in the midterms.

A positive political initiative, Frank Ocean encouraged fans to have their political voice heard “Because God bless America“.

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