MCQ created waves in the fashion industry.

MCQ created waves in the fashion industry when it launched last September. It’s now back with a new and exciting project which promises to be an exploration into the contradictory.

MCQ is the latest iteration of the House of Alexander McQueen. Representing a break from traditional high fashion, MY.MCQ.COM is a fully tech-integrated label which invites global collaborators to create content, allowing the label to move beyond just fashion, and become a nurturing space for new talent and movements. 

MCQ is now showcasing its third icon, entitled Foam. Bringing an ethereal lightness into heavy garments and subverting expectations, the foam collection is simultaneously industrial and whimsical. 

Created in collaboration with absurdist artist Sang Woo Kim and experimental set designer Louis Gibson, the team took inspiration for the collection by sourcing what is thrown away, delving deep into the disregarded items littering the streets of London. 

Shot by renowned photographer Cosmo Webber, the collection focuses on unexpected beauty, the style that is found at the intersection of contradicting elements. To accompany the shoot MCQ again expressed their commitment to community and asked various changemakers in the music and fashion worlds: “what is a contradiction in your life?” in a self shot video. 

Some highlights include celebrity stylist and Instagram influencer Bloody Osiris confessing that he hates having his picture taken and Nigerian singer-songwriter Mr Eazi discussing the constant struggle he has between eating what he feels like and eating what he knows he should be. 

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