Bridging the gap between the UK and Ghana — Professor Paws walks a balance beam that sees him equalise his African and European lineage and frame it in music form. Drawing power from his cultural dyad, Professor Paws’ music resides somewhere between melody-driven R&B sound pools, sharp and crunchy electro-rap beats, and ice-cold Afrobeat cues. 

With well over 100,000 streams on the OG track, the Amapiano remix of ‘Bruk Up’ sees things amped up to 11. The new rendition leans into rich West African production tropes with its mystical saxophone and horn elements. Breathing new life into the already fire track — you’d be forgiven for thinking the Amapiano mix was an entirely new track. With an infectious honeypot of rhythm hitting listeners from all angles, Paws demonstrates why he’s one to watch.

“This is about a true and mature heartbreak, I’m sure most can relate because it’s the most honest song I’ve written to date,” Paws said regarding the track’s core themes. 

The track title references Paws’ cultural crossroads: with the song title “bruk up” — a Jamaican patois term for ‘broken’ – filtering into his vocabulary from the close connections to the culture that he’s nurtured from his upbringing in London. Sitting perfectly alongside both his British and African influences, sounds and styles, Paws’ melting pot of travelled locales has created a summer anthem like no other.

In 2021, the musician blessed us with his EP ‘To The Bag’. For that project, one of the many standouts was Paws’ Notion co-signed single ‘Southside Girl’, currently sitting at almost 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. 

Before his big breakout 2021 single, Professor Paws hit the scene with his 2019 GRM Daily-housed collabo with Big Chess entitled ‘Ride or Die’. Striking while the iron is hot, Paws’ follow-up 2020 release, ‘Rum Pa Pa Pum’, climbed to almost half a million views on YouTube in a matter of months — no easy feat. 

Outside of his catalogue, Paws is an acclimated producer and writer too. As a beatsmith, the artist collabed with UK rappers Giggs, Fekky, Cash, Joe Grind, and many more. As an instrumentalist, Paws takes pride in his catalogue: rarely co-producing with others, crafting demo mixes and engineering tunes on the fly — truly living up to his professor mantle.

Paws has undergone masses of artistic evolution since 2019 and is currently piecing together his next masterpiece one anthem at a time. 

Watch the officially video here

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