Pusha T ties Noah ’40’ Shebib into Drake Beef.

News broke the other day that Drake blamed Kanye West for his beef with Pusha T.

Specifically, Drake lambasted Ye for leaking his intimate secrets surrounding the birth of his son, Adonis, which he had been concealing from the public in an attempt to manage his difficult situation. On HBO’s ‘The Shop’, Drake cut a frustrated and hunched over figure, doggedly describing the process through which Kanye had shared news of Adonis’ birth with Pusha T. Then, he said, Ye crafted a beat for Push to air said secrets over.

That track became this summer’s infamous “The Story of Adidon” diss, bringing with it a wave of doubt over Drake’s core authenticity, with the 6 God having declined to respond in similar fashion. Because of this, Drake’s appearance on ‘The Shop’ finally gave him the impetus to reshape the narrative somewhat, recalibrating events in his favour.

But if that wasn’t sticky enough, things seem set to get a whole lot stickier. And it’s no surprise that Joe Budden’s involved… Appearing on ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’, Pusha T pieced together an extended and articulate rebuttal of Drake’s argument. Seeking a sway in public opinion, Push claimed that it was in fact Drizzy’s right-hand man and confidant, Noah ‘40’ Shebib, who was responsible for the news of Adonis’ birth reaching him.

This claim stickies up the dispute immensely given that Drake leapt to Shebib’s defense on ‘The Shop’, appalled at Pusha’s mockery of the producer’s battle with MS. Conversely, Pusha T claimed that Shebib leaked the information to a woman during “pillowtalk”:

Pusha T appeared on ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’.

“It didn’t come from Kanye, at all. 40 is sleeping with a woman, who begins to . . . he talks to her daily. Five, six hours a day . . . And ultimately speaks about how he’s disgruntled about certain things, notoriety and things involving Drake and his career, and so on and so forth. With that also came the fact that Drake has a child. With that also came the trip that everybody took to go see the child, and bring him gifts, and all this information. She divulged this information. That’s where it came from.”

Here, a double dose of irony sets in. While Drake’s story may have been unravelled by his best friend, this saga is also reminiscent of a lyric on ‘Light Up’ from ‘Thank Me Later’, Drizzy’s debut studio album:

Welcome to Hollywood, don’t let this town ruin you,

And if you pillow talking with the women that are screwin’ you

Just know that she gon’ tell another nigga when she through with you

Perhaps 40 should have had a closer listen…

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