Search drops new single “I Know The Sound”

2020 has been a turbulent year for the world in more ways than one. As civil unrest, police brutality, political corruption, rising unemployment & homelessness, and disease plagued the globe, artist quietly toiled away on his upcoming No One Asked EP, watching and internalizing the turmoil from afar.  Next Thursday, the artist unpacks the unjust state of society with the third EP single “i know the sound”, out today.

Written a whole year before the BLM and police protest of last year, the emotional track dives headfirst into the constant sense of danger of being Black in today’s world with gut-punching & sober lines like “buried in the dirt to reach for the sky”, and “black kids are hanging from trees / you call that suicide / look at history and you decide”.

“I know the sound” was co-produced by & and mixed by Grammy nominated engineer, Jay Kurzweil (J. Cole, Dreamville, Masego).

“We can call him an R&B artist if only for his frequently soulful, intimate vocals, but his work is broader than that… [No One Asked] is the next chapter of’s refusal to fit into a category as he finds a previously uncharted vehicle for his craft.” – EARMILK

“There’s really nothing out there that sounds like this which is always exciting to hear. Keep your eyes open for”– FASHIONABLY EARLY

“It’s soft and delicate, with the warmth of a Daniel Caesar-esque cut meeting the intricacy of something you’d expect from Solange and the soft pulse of The Internet‘s more low-key numbers, so you should definitely get around it and get to know him.”-PILERATS

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