The Launch of MCQ

Dropping today in stores globally is MCQ, a fashion label with a difference. This newest iteration of the House of Alexander McQueen represents something entirely new. 

Moving away from the somewhat exclusive ‘high fashion’ concept, MCQ will serve partly as a creative platform,  MY.MCQ.COM. A fully tech-integrated label, MCQ invites collaborators around the world to a new leaderless space in which to connect, whether they’ve bought the clothes or not. Collaborator led-content is also created into a feed, allowing  MY.MCQ.COM to become a nurturing space for new talent and movements. This ethos is reflected physically by the label TAG, placed on the outside of the clothing, it tells the story of each collection, listing all the contributors involved.

This commitment to community is also reaffirmed through it’s sustainable aims, including removing re-packaging, optimising the use of recycled and innovative fabrics and increasing an items lifespan by reselling on the platform. 

The first collection, or icon, released today is Genesis II. Focusing on humanity’s impact on the Earth, corporate and military garments have been remade with a human touch. Featuring functional designs such as packable macs and pieces made with waxed nylon, the collection also looks forward, using natural dyes in new and innovative ways. 

The collection also features hand embroidered flowers by two of its contributors, James Massiah and Shy Girl. Both of these bold multi-disciplinary London-based musicians are creating the concept for the launch party and also have a conversation between the two of them printed on to some of the pieces in their own handwriting.

James Massiah

James Massiah is a Poet, musician and producer from south London. “Funky, fun and free,” He say’s ” I’ve got an unconventional outlook and perspective on the world and on poetry.

Shy Girl

Shygirl is a vocalist from London and the self-confessed full package. Starting as a Dj, She began making music in 2016, influenced from being a selector.

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