Atlanta rapper Wiley drops new track “Heat Lightning”

“Heat Lightning” was produced by Sensei Bueno. The track highlights Wiley’s soul music leanings, deeply atmospheric and evocative. His raw, rough voice has a timeless quality and instils a late-night air to the track.  
Wiley explains the track: “Heat Lightning” is a song named for the feeling you get when you first fall in love with someone. It’s scary, it’s exciting, it may or may not accompany a storm. It’s a song meant for long rainy nights in the summertime.”
A rapper with a heavy dose of soul, Wiley from Atlanta has emerged in his own lane, one that builds on the rich musical history of the city, to defy genre and create a lane that is all his own. Artists that inspire him include Radiohead and OutKast, Young Thug and Tom Waits. His unique, jaw dropping vocal meets modern recordings to create something utterly brilliant and unique.
His previous releases include “Pink Skies (Demo)” which has had over 7 millions streams on Spotify, whilst his debut project “Blue Don’t Make Me Cry” came out in 2019 to great acclaim.

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