Get Heated with Moose Knuckles’ FW20 Campaign

For its FW20 Campaign, Canadian outerwear brand, Moose Knuckles, metaphorically inspires the world’s population into action.

By definition, heat is the state of having or generating a high degree of warmth, the condition or quality of being hot, or the process of making something hot or warm. Concurrently, it means to excite emotionally or to become intense. That duality struck a chord with the Canadian outerwear brand, as an avenue to both champion their product’s utility and reinvigorate a global audience. The time has come to Bring The Heat.

Moose Knuckles takes pride in the fact that they make the world’s highest quality coats. But in a world so drastically in need of change, that legacy isn’t enough. The Bring The Heat campaign functions as the link, bridging the gap between product and emotion.

“We’re inspired by the fearless community of creators who’ve kept pursuing their passions despite the many barriers that stand in their way.” – Dominique Lagleva, Global Marketing Director

Resplendent colors melt together, forming a thermographic map-like filter that will dress the campaign’s key visuals. As the rollout continues, brand collaborators and creatives across the globe will be encouraged to join in, creating content and sharing personal interpretations and narratives on what “bringing the heat” means to them. Moose Knuckles plans to pass the proverbial mic to whoever has a story to tell, encouraging the return to action the world needs, despite all obstacles, cold or otherwise. 

Moose Knuckles recruited a crew of heat makers to bolster the campaign’s incalescence. Young Thug and Kehlani will take center stage in looks meticulously crafted by Kyle Luu, while Sandy Kim captures all the action. 

“It’s exciting to work with so many amazing creatives. Watching their various styles and approaches mesh together and form something greater than the sum of its parts is what this is all about—true collaboration on all fronts.” Brody Baker, Creative Director

Initially, the campaign will serve as the debut of the Power Puff collection, a line of contemporary reinterpretations of the puffer silhouette, complete with premium goose down and a host of other functional elements guaranteed to keep you warm and dry. Uniques, the brand’s more adventurous puffer line, Wool, Cloud, and Shearling products will also be featured as the season progresses. 

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