In conversation with Swedish singer-songwriter Bishat

Award nominations, a platinum record and a new single just released, it is an exciting and pivotal moment in the career of Swedish singer-songwriter Bishat as she navigates the industry as an independent artist.

Swedish singer-songwriter Bishat has just released her latest single ‘PROBLEMS’ and has received positive reviews from the likes of Clash and Complex, all as an independent artist.

The music industry can be a difficult place for any artist to get recognised and have their music promoted but it is especially difficult for those without the backing of a major label. 

Bishat said: “Once the song is out that’s when the work really starts.”

“It’s not like the songwriting part is always effortless but it’s two-different hats when I’m being the creative person or when I’m being the label head and the PR and the marketing genius that I try to be”, she jokes

The singer-songwriter said it was important for her to start off and build a foundation of who she was as an artist before looking to bring people on board who understand her vision.

“I used to think one person can do it all, but they really can’t! Not if you want to play in the big leagues”, she said.

As well as juggling her own solo career, Bishat is also an accomplished songwriter having received 

her first platinum plaque for a songwriting credit on Cazzi Opeia ‘I Can’t Get Enough.’

Writing songs for other people is something that the artist is really passionate about as it allows her the creative freedom to test herself outside of the songs and genres that she would usually write for herself, in turn helping her when writing her own songs. 

Bishat is a rising star in the pop genre but has found difficulties in breaking her native market as a Swedish artist singing in English.

She said: “In Sweden all the songs in the charts are in Swedish so it’s really hard for people to blow up doing English music.

“It’s weird how the music industry is so global but everyone wants you to succeed in your own territory before they push you out.”

Bishat noticed that ever since she started to release music she has received more attention from fans in countries like the UK, US, France and even Korea.

She added: “It’s amazing and that’s the beauty of the internet but it’s hard when you’re trying to build an international career because you have to blow up in Sweden first and I’m not really in that main pocket of what’s currently working in Sweden.”

As well as receiving rave reviews and acclaim for her latest singles, Bishat has also been nominated for ‘Rookie Artist of the Year’ at the upcoming Denniz Pop Awards; a prestigious award with a jury including Max Martin & Tove Lo.

Bishat said: “I definitely did cry in the street by myself when I got the message. 

“I know awards aren’t everything because at the end of the day you can’t really compete in music and there’s always so many people that don’t get nominated and awards. You kind of don’t want it to mean anything, but it really really does”, she added.

Following on from ‘MANNERS’ which came out earlier this year, Bishat has recently released her latest single ‘PROBLEMS’ from her upcoming EP.

The melodic pop/trap single is an honest love song about resisting the urge to focus on the negatives. It’s about knowing and acknowledging your own and your partner’s flaws and defining a relationship after your own desires and needs. 

Talking about her upcoming EP, Bishat said: “Thematically it is a lot about relationships but also the art of not giving a fuck anymore. 

“I’ve been so worried about so many things for so long and I think it is time for me to let go of things that I can’t control and live my best life. It is just exhausting to worry all the time.”

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