Heard it on the grapevine that Maggie Rogers has dropped her debut album ‘I heard it in a past life’

Maggie Rogers, 24, sprung to fame after a clip of Pharrell Williams going wild hearing her single ‘Alaska,’ went viral. Williams commended the singer for her originality claiming no one could really judge such a piece due to its uniqueness, explaining there is simply nothing else you could compare it to.

 Rogers grew up in rural Maryland, with a love of the outdoors. She started out as a banjo player, writing folk music. Inspired to expand her range, she gave her folksy music a postmodern twist, with a fusion of dance music. Rodgers ambition with this album was to combine folk imagery and harmony, with natural samples of sounds she had picked up from her love of the outdoors. She visualized underpinning all of this with the energy of dance music.

Since Pharrell’s acknowledgement of her talent, the singer has since gained an impressive 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, as well as performing an abundance of live shows. She has since gone on to boost her profile through being the support act for Mumford and Sons during there UK November tour.

Paul McCartney’s latest associate Greg Kurstin produced Rodgers new album. Her innovative sound is enough to make her distinctive and contemporary, whilst remaining catchy enough to top the charts.

Image Credits GQ-Matt Martin

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