In conversation with rising star, Natasha Elise

At the tender age of 18, Natasha Elise’s career is set to take flight. Inspired by the vocal power of icon Whitney Houston, along with the lyrical genius of Eminem; Natasha’s idols have guided her to forge her own eclectic style. As she grows as an artist, her style and genre shall continue to morph, encompassing her own authentic sounds and captivating beats, carving her own urban-R&B-pop genre. As Natasha drops her latest hit, Ride Wit Me, featuring American rapper PnB Rock, the independent artist is paving the way for a younger generation of budding singers to step out into their own spotlight.

An exciting day with the release of her hotly anticipated third music video, we caught up with Natasha Elise to chat all things music, style and of course f*uckbois.

As a rising star in the music industry, Natasha looks at industry icons Eminiem & Whitney Houston for inspiration.With their sheer talent gaining both recognition and respect, the multi-award winning artists were both unapologetic and fearless. As Natasha continues to evolve her music style and image, she will remain true to herself and own who she is.

“I have listened to Eminem for the majority of my life and have always been inspired by his mind. He consistently changes and evolves his flows, lyrics, and rhyme schemes, which has always been so inspiring to me. I also love how he has always owned who he is.”

Natasha’s music incorporates a mash up of genres, resulting in a captivating and fresh mix of urban-R&B-pop. With her debut EP set to drop in the upcoming weeks, we are eager to hear how her sound has evolved as she continues to grow, write and record. With several musical influences, Natasha’s tracks cross the rigid boundaries of genre. Reflecting her sound, the young musician rocks an edgy urban style, heavily influenced by nostalgic 90s/2000s era.

“I am also a huge sneaker fanatic and you can always catch me in an oversized, baggy look from Off-White.”

We couldn’t sit down with Natasha without discussing her fierce female anthem ‘Good Riddance’. The empowering song is hailed as ‘The best way to tell a fuckboi goodbye’. We were keen to hear the inspiration or story behind this track. It was super encouraging to hear it signified Natasha’s growth as a person, not letting a man get her down and cutting off anyone not worthy of your time. 

“Long story short, I wrote “Good Riddance” to signify my growth as a person after a failed relationship. It was me realizing how toxic that person was and how people can change, and sometimes, it’s not for the better.”

As a young, female musician trying to break into the music industry – we know it can be tough. As an 18 year old, Natasha has been consistently writing and recording music for over 3 years. Proving anyone wrong who gets in her way. Wise words.

“I’ve learned that in order for people to take you seriously, it is crucial that you hone your skills, fine tune your craft and find who you are. I also stress the fact that having a focused and a hardworking team supporting you is essential.”

Not only is Natasha young and determined, she is also an independent artist. With full creative control over her music, she uses this to her own advantage. The freedom to express herself as an artist has allowed her to grow and evolve into the musician she wants to be. The music maven is carving her own path and isn’t afraid to make that know. 

“If I could not express who I am as an artist, the stories through my songs would not be articulated correctly to my audience. I never want to hide who I am. I don’t like posers.”

Following the drop for her latest music video with rapper PnB Rock, we loved the LA vibes. For a first feature, PnB Rock’s extensive list of collabs must have been pretty daunting. We were eager to know how this collaboration came about and who’s next on Natasha’s musical feature list. With her young and fresh style, we were not surprised to hear Lil Uzi Vert’s name pop up in a dream collab. Following his hit mixtape Luv is Rage in 2015, he too challenges the genre norms birthing his own emo-trap genre. We agree with Natasha, this collaboration would “make something dope!”.

“I wrote and recorded this song and felt that PnB Rock would fit the vibe and energy really well. My team reached out to see if he’d be interested, and when I heard back, I was so hyped.”

With her current singles gaining traction for the rising star, her debut EP will no doubt showcase her sheer talent and expose her as an artist to watch.

“Bangers only babyyyyy! Haha, I don’t want to spoil it because I think each person who listens should have their own experience with the project. That being said, I’m psyched for my fans to hear it!”

With much of her career ahead of her, we couldn’t leave without discussing her hopes and dreams for the future. As more and more independent artists break through the music industry, Natasha Elise has a long and exciting career ahead of her. Following the release of her third music video, she has already acquired quite the legion of fans. The up and coming artist has noted she has created certain ‘checkpoints’ to propel herself to the next level. Ticking them off bit by bit, it really is the start of a wild journey.

“ I think the highlight of my career has been being able to work with such talented, welcoming, and driven people in the industry.”

Go and check out Natahsa Elise ft PnB Rock now!

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