Kanye West Cancels Coachella Amidst Disagreement Over Giant Dome

Contentious rapper Kanye West has reportedly pulled out of his commitment to be a headliner at Coachella Festival. Billboard reports, that on New Year’s Day Kanye requested that a giant dome be built in order to create an immersive performance in keeping with his ‘creative vision.’ Kanye visualised a dome in which he was centred, with the crowd surrounding him.

Kanye reached out to the co-founder of Coachella, Paul Tollet, two days before the line-up announcements were due to be dropped, requesting the elaborate dome be built in the middle of the festival grounds.

The infamous dome had been designed by Kanye’s collaborator John Mcguire. His request was denied however, as the construction was said to be impossible to build in the short four months before the April festival and would require an entire reorganising of the festivals’ layout, as well as the removal of a large number of portable toilets. Kanye, triggered by the denial of his request, said that as an artist with a creative vision, he didn’t have the time to be discussing ‘port-a-potties.’

Following West’s drop out, Paul Tollet was left to scramble around for a new headliner. Reaching out to Arianna Grande’s management, he managed to secure the pop princess. This may have touched a nerve with Kanye as the pair had recently quarrelled on twitter just two weeks earlier. Kanye used the platform to accuse Ariana of using him to promote her new song through her tweeds referring to Kanye’s feud with Drake.


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