After a short hiatus, Zeph is back to business, releasing his highly anticipated new single Gulag. Showcasing his lyrical ability, Zeph’s shrewd wordplay is delivered effortlessly over a bass heavy beat setting Gulag up to be a guaranteed hit. With a title that plays on Call of Duty’s Gulag round, Zeph’s new single is a direct statement of his intentions. Referencing soviet labour camps, the Gulag level allows players to fight for a second chance rather than perish to their opponents, a metaphoric symbol that shows the extent of Zeph’s creative flair. He’s come back fighting to claim his stake in the scene and will not be ignore! With a video premiering on GRM Daily this evening, the Manchester native’s latest offering shows off his unique style and flow while bringing to light the undeniable buzz surrounding an artist who has potential to hit top tier status.  

Initially bursting onto the scene in 2018 with his Scene Smasher freestyle [currently sitting on an impressive 2.4 million views] Zeph’s earlier material saw him build a fanbase of listeners eager to digest the then eighteen-year olds gritty bars and stately flow. The same hunger saw Zeph’s Prologue and Element videos observe a similar trajectory racking in views over the million mark, with  both tracks hitting a staggering 3.7 million combined streams on Spotify alone. 

Carefully laying a foundation to cement his place as one of Manchester’s most valuable assets, 2020 is set to see Zeph climb to higher heights. Armed with an arsenal of talent and growing list of collaborators, the sky is the limit for the Gulag rapper who’s on the highway to success, all the while creating solid bangers in a lane of his own.  






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