Love Bites is a song about getting your heart broken and putting the pieces back together. Just like previous singles “Eyes On You”, “Regular Feelings” and “PNE”, the whimsical ‘Love Bites’ video stars Master Peace and his love interest and is built around the playful romance of young teenage love. Not taking himself too seriously we see a more comedic side to Peace as he dances.

“This record means so much to me I’m so glad I can get it out into the world, it really summarises my past relationships. I really wear my heart on my sleeve… and I think that everyone has this tough persona but really and truly most of us are big softies and that’s the side of us that the EP relates to,” Peace shares.

The risk-taking artist, who blurs multiple genres together, says the six-track EP was inspired by his own childhood. Peace enjoyed listening to grime and rap with his friends. However, he was secretly playing bands like Bloc Party, No Doubt and The Arctic Monkeys on his headphones at home.

“This EP is all about tapping into those teenage years, definitely, and all those bands that I loved!” explains Peace. “It’s a very playful vibe and I guess these tracks are rooted in indie as I wanted people to feel that euphoric feeling you get when you’re a teenager. Listening to “Love Bites” should makes you feel those butterflies in your stomach like when you’re in that honeymoon period. It’s a record about falling in love and that warm fuzzy daze everybody is in between the ages of 17 to 20.”

The six songs are full of warmth and addictive hooks that worm their way into your brain, refusing to leave. “Never Wanna Be” is a funky, otherworldly R&B tune, where Peace pledges: “I can’t see you with another man”, while “Eyes On You” is an addictive bop with a fluid attitude to genre recalling the late Juice WRLD in the way it effortlessly blends indie pop with an emo rap sensibility. Previous single “PNE” taps into guitar pop and was designed to be screamed by crowds. As a package, it’s a dose of sunshine amid a time where things feel overwhelmingly dark.

Peace says his aim with this EP is to create communal moments and songs that leave a mark on pop culture. “I loved Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds – it just spoke to me when I was a kid. I want this record to make people feel the same way. These songs should just make you feel good.”

Master Peace emerged in 2018 with a sound more embedded in grime, making his name freestyling over A-Ha’s Take On Me and for putting out more combative sugar trap songs such as “Please Don’t Touch Me” and “Buck Me”. His successful 2019 single “Night Time”, which won plaudits such as Skepta and JME (who appeared on the remix), marked a transition into much more of a romanticist pop poet, before the “Love Bites” EP hopefully establishes the rising star as a fully-fledged indie-pop frontman.

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