Metro Boomin is one of hip-hop’s hottest producer right now.

Metro Boomin is one of hip-hop’s hottest producer right now, and it’s not by chance or any type of luck. His unwavering work ethic stems from his mother and is what has driven him to become the success he is today. Metro has been responsible for the success of many of today’s hip-hop superstars and has been a pivotal player when looking at the rise in the visibility of music producers.

Where does your work ethic stem from?

I always loved watching my mom work hard and that’s what motivated me. From what I’ve seen of you, it seems that you have a very spirited and energetic persona.

However, the beats you make seem quite dark a lot of times. Why is that?

It’s the type of music that I have always enjoyed. The emotion, the way it sounds is strong. It’s funny you brought that up because someone asked me the same question yesterday. It’s just the vibes.

What do you feel is the reason for the rise of the producers, in terms of visibility and Credit?

You just have to demand respect. The beats are more complex than ever. People look more into who produced the track rather than who is just singing or rapping on it.

Your versatility is unbelievable. However, is there any artist you have worked with that has made you feel out of your comfort zone?

No, I can’t say that. I can only work with someone within my comfort zone. Not sonically, but spiritually. Someone who I can vibe with because any type of music is comfortable.

When you take into account your status in the music industry, how do you deal with relationships in business, and in your personal life?

I like to try to keep my personal life and business life separate as much as I can. I like to keep my personal life as just that. I don’t try to mix it with business. Like on Instagram, I don’t upload pictures of my family. My profile is just about Metro Boomin and not Leland Wayne.

Do you go through a thorough review process of your beats, whether that’s with your peers, or by yourself when you get some time alone?

Yes. I am always listening to recent songs and beats that were just recorded. I’m always adding, taking away, and fixing.

You have had a monumental 2018, so how do you plan to level up this year?

It’s just about new things. Health and spirituality most importantly. Doing more for me and working on other business ventures as a boss, CEO, artist, and producer with this new music. Also, fashion, my label Boominati, everything. Not to mention, the foundation that I already have.

Photographer: Emilio G Hernandez @emilioghernandez

Stylist: Dainelle Hawkins @danielleh_styles

Creative Director: Curvel Baptiste

Makeup artist: Shaleira Smith

Gloomer: Rich Mendoza

Interview Via House of Solo Magazine

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