Produced by the Grammy award winning Grades, the track is a hazy slice of alt-pop/ r&b, a stunning showcase of Nat’s silky vocals and her talent for melodies that embed themselves in your subconscious. ‘Toxic’ is an exploration of those contradictory emotions you feel when you fall for someone when you know you may not be that good for each other  

The dreamscape video was created by underground director, Elif Gonen.

The 19-year-old started writing music on guitar and piano from a young age, after years of absorbing her musician mum’s love of 90s R&B. When she was about 11 she had the realisation that she wanted to be a songwriter as she sat on her Dad’s shoulders at Clapham Common watching Stevie Wonder perform. Since then she’s been trying to channel the same honesty in her writing as the masters she grew up with. 

Inspired by artists like Khalid and Frank Ocean, Nat’s music melds Pop with R&B and UK Garage to create something that deals in chilled out vibes, along with a personal lyrical approach and a talent for infectious hooks. She honed her skills both in her bedroom and on London’s open mic circuit, with the city and its culture being a constant source of inspiration, it’s nightlife and music scene feeding into her writing.

‘Toxic’ is yet another example of Nat Slater’s skill at crafting soulful and honest music. With more music to come 2021 will be her biggest year so far. 

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