Late last year, returned after a two year hiatus with a pair of poignant singles (“Luh Me Weak” and “Running Away”) off of his upcoming EP entitled No One Asked. The latter being an introspective return to form that has quami chronicling his struggles with depression, self-doubt, and perpetual isolation. Today, quami is releasing the self-directed visual for “Running Away”. The video features our troubled protagonist sprinting through an empty city-scape,  on the run from an angry mob who are meant to represent his trauma. These scenes are then intercut and juxtaposed with vignettes that provide a brief sense of calm; an alternate reality and perspective of the protagonist…

“We can call him an R&B artist if only for his frequently soulful, intimate vocals, but his work is broader than that… [No One Asked] is the next chapter of’s refusal to fit into a category as he finds a previously uncharted vehicle for his craft.” – EARMILK
“There’s really nothing out there that sounds like this which is always exciting to hear. Keep your eyes open for”- FASHIONABLY EARLY
“It’s soft and delicate, with the warmth of a Daniel Caesar-esque cut meeting the intricacy of something you’d expect from Solange and the soft pulse of The Internet’s more low-key numbers, so you should definitely get around it and get to know him.”-PILERATS is a multifaceted singer-songwriter-producer-visual artist from Oakville, Ontario. quami’s works often dare to color outside of the lines of musical conventions drawing acclaim throughout. Self-taught and defined by his own truths, takes inspiration from relationships, scenes and genres far & near to meld disparate worlds into his own intimate sonic collage.

This past year, quami was invited to participate in the Keep Cool Records Adidas Creators Camp alongside artists like SminoCharlotte Day WilsonBabyface and more… Since then, quami and close collaborator,, have been working with the likes of Bregma (Umi, Logic), Naz (Superduperkyle), Lecx Stacy (Jean Dawson, Riz La Vie, Deb Never) and many others.

In 2018, quami’s debut project Et Cetera, showcased his natural affinity for crafting grandiose melodies that are interwoven with a tight stream of conscious narrative. The project was met with acclaim from prominent music publications such as Earmilk, Lyrical Lemonade, Pilerats, Complex, Fashionably Early, Elevator as well as landing  placements and recognition on coveted playlists such as Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Low Key,Midnight Chill, Apple Music’s ALT R&B, Day One and Inspired By, Colors’ Weekly, David Dean Burkhart’s Compact Cassette and more. 



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