Slowthai Stars In New Footlocker Advert.

One of the UK’s grimiest up-and-coming MC’s with a unique and erratic style, ‘Slowthai‘ is the star of Footlocker‘s latest advert.

The widely disseminated clip – which promotes the retail kingpin’s range of Nike TNs – uses an intentionally low budget green screen aesthetic which has also been seen in the Palace promotional package of late.

With Slowthai on board, Footlocker borrow the Northampton ‘T N Biscuits’ rapper’s raw street authenticity, super imposing him onto bog standard buses. They also hark back to the good old days by making the sole of his TN look like the buttons of an old school Nokia.

A man that’s always fidgety – whether in his own music videos, in interviews or during sweat-drenched performances on stage, Slowthai fits right into the hectic scene created by the green screen.

This is a big and somewhat unforeseeable move for the UK MC, whose hype has been bubbling just beneath the UK mainstream’s radar for some time now. Check out the clip below…

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