SoLonely Releases Laid-Back, R&B Track ‘Photos’ Ft. Casper The Ghost, Out Now

Rising rapper / singer, SoLonely shares the laid-back, R&B track ‘Photos’ featuring fellow Swedish trap duo Casper The Ghost. Highlighting the need for more conscious and honest rap, ‘Photos’ is available now via Universal Music Sweden.
SoLonely collaborates with Casper The Ghost on the addictive, slow burner ‘Photos’. Produced by Hillbom, the single embodies the saying “take a picture, it will last longer” as two people admit that although their love is palpable, they’re better separating before they both end up hurting each other. ‘Photos’ highlights SoLonely’s signature emotional rap style and distinctive melodic flow that captures both vibrant and chilled ambiences. On ‘Photos’, SoLonely says: “I had known about CTG’s previous work so going to the studio with them was a given. Hillbom made the perfect beat and I loved everything about it, we wrote and recorded it all the same day and we all were happy with the outcome. I really hope you enjoy this song and there’s more music to come!”
Casper The Ghost adds: “Really love this track. We made ‘Photos’ the first day we ever sat in the studio together. SoLonely had an idea of what vibe he wanted and Hillbom started playing around with the guitar. The song basically wrote itself after that. Me and SoLonely talked about some of our previous experiences and started writing the melodies and lyrics. We’re all really stoked on this track and we hope you are as well!
Casper The Ghost are cousins Casper and Victor who came from nowhere and reached an audience in Sweden and the U.S.A. right away with their second single ever released ‘.Bound’ back in 2017. Today they are certified gold in Sweden with over six million streams. Last year Casper The Ghost was voted “Best live performance ever” on acclaimed Swedish festival Hudikskalaset.

‘Photos’ follows on from SoLonely’s latest single ‘Miles Away’ – the official video premiered with Complex UK and it has also received support from the likes of Official ChartsGRM Daily, Mixtape Madness and Rap On Demand.

Growing up in a mid-size town in Sweden, alone with his mother, SoLonely started rapping around the age of 14-years-old and quickly moved on to developing his singing as he grew bored of just rapping. In early 2018, before his 18th birthday, he was hit hard by tragedy when his mother passed away. Instead of traditional therapy he tackled his depression by making music and through this process his alter ego SoLonely was born. As he uploaded his songs on YouTube and Soundcloud he quickly realised that there were thousands of others out there that felt the same loneliness and could relate to his music. The strong hooks and melancholic vibes caught the attention of people into emotional music globally. Songs like ‘i try’ and ‘if I die’ quickly garnered millions of views with only simple static videos. He says:”Music really became my therapist, best friend and shoulder to lean on these past two years. In the last year I haven’t released much but I have recorded so many songs. My hard drive is filled with these emotions over beats. It’s time to start letting them out.” 

It’s an exciting time to be tuning into SoLonely as he builds a reputation of being an authentic, self-confessed emotional rapper who produces relatable, magnetic music. SoLonely is on his way to firmly place himself as credible ‘one to watch’ this year – more new material to be released soon.

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