Timberland names Christopher Raeburn as Global Creative Director

Christopher Raeburn – the practical, sustainable, and incredibly innovative designer from Kent – has been named as global creative director for Timberland. This announcement was made earlier today by WWD. Timberland’s global brand president Jim Pisani said “Christopher will be central in helping to bring Timberland’s brand creative vision and purpose to life, not just in our product collections, but in our store environments and marketing – literally every touchpoint we have with the consumer.”

In four short words, Christopher Raeburn’s ethos is underpinned by the four R’s; Remade, Reduced, Recycled and Raeburn. Over the last decade, Raeburn has established his brand with sustainable and intelligent design for a global audience. Early on in his career, he became known for his appropriation of military fabrics, breathing new life into garments made decades ago. By continuing to re-work pre-existing materials, Christopher Raeburn has brought sustainable design to a mainstream fashion audience.

Raeburn will be working on Timberland footwear, apparel and accessories, as well as working on a full collection for both men and womenswear, for their FW20 season.

Raeburn: “They really want you to push things forward. I challenged Jim and told him it’s going to have to be comfortable – and uncomfortable. That’s the very nature of the way that I work. It really is about changing things, and innovating.”

In an interview with House of Solo Magazine, Raeburn comments of his passion for collaborating with other brands and talented designers: “You really have to be able to bring a lot of your own vision to another company, and then it’s also nice to be able to learn a lot.” For him, collaborations and partnerships are all about “bringing the way we work to another company,” and being able to “make a difference on a global scale.”

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