EVERYONE YOU KNOW release new EP ‘Look After Your Pennies’

Everyone You Know

After an amazing night at Everyone You Know’s EP launch party, we have woken up this morning to see that the enigmatic half-brother duo’s sophomore EP, Look After Your Pennies, has finally (after much anticipation) been released. This passionate and powerful new project reads like a rite of passage for young men in suburbia. Full of fire and feelings, Look After Your Pennies explores themes of frustration, challenge, and angst, coupled with underlying messages of hope, determination, and success. 

Growing up in concrete towns dotted around London, the duo absorbed anything they came across, becoming fascinated by 90s hip-hop, jungle, and punk. Therefore, it is of no surprise that their signature sound has become a tapestry of punk and rave, guitar riffs and hip-hop. Fusing these hitting beats with observational lyricism and sensitive storytelling, their sound incorporates a number of influences, pathing the way towards the future of British music.  Their lyrics speak direct and honest trust about everyday life, while their heavy beats and hard production drills the point home. 

Look After Your Pennies is another heady dose of the world articulated from the EYK narrative. As their music meanders and weaves its way through the world around them, they directly tackle the trials and tribulations of young men trying to navigate their way through daily life. Through their authentic and raw storytelling, the EYK brothers – Rhys and Harvey – are sound-tracking their own version of suburbia. 

Speaking on the project, EYK speak: “This EP ‘Look After Your Pennies’ is a slight insight into how life has been for us since ‘Cheer Up Charlie’, musically the sound has developed and matured which is quite noticeable and lyrically the same. There are moments that are harder and are more aggressive that ‘Sinners’ yet softer and more emotional that ‘Our Generation’, we felt it was so important on this EP to show both ends of the spectrum and show people that we are not just focusing on one particular sound. The 4 tracks take influence from house, to hip hop, indie to grime and everything in between.”

Now, as we look ahead, we can look forward to seeing EYK take on Reading and Leeds as they step onto the BBC Radio One Dance Stage. We can’t wait. 

You can listen to Everyone You Know’s brand new EP HERE.


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