KimYe Bring the Gift of Yeezys to Uganda.

Over this last week, Yeezy seems to have been on a political tip. Following last Thursday’s blazon Donald Trump plug at the White House – complete with the MAGA cap swag – Kanye and Kim find themselves in Uganda raising awareness for charitable causes. Though quite what the couple are actually raising awareness for – save perhaps the ‘KimYe’ brand itself – remains unclear.

Yesterday, following a meeting with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, Kim and Kanye allegedly then borrowed the presidential helicopter in order to fly across to a children’s charity event.

So, how did they help out? At the gig, ‘KimYe’ handed out bags of white Yeezys to the kids. Looking objectively, it can’t have been too much trouble for Kanye to get his hands on a load of surplus Yeezys. In a country with myriad socioeconomic difficulties, handing out coveted streetwear seems to be missing the point slightly. At the very least, the kids seemed pretty gassed…

Let’s hope they’ve got much bigger philanthropic moves to come. 

Kanye handed out Yeezys aplenty to Ugandan children.

Stay tuned, folks…

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