Watch: Dizzee Rascal & Skepta Drop ‘Money Right’ Video.

The video’s just dropped for Dizzee Rascal and Skepta’s collaborative ‘Money Right’, from the former’s (ironically named) ‘Don’t Gas Me’ EP.

The tune itself – bursting with prime nimble-tongued Raskit flows and a heavy feature from Grime’s biggest export, Skepta – is a celebration of British music and hustling ambition in its purest. There’s even a few throwbacks to old material, including a bar borrowed from Dizzee’s ‘Stop Dat’ off his seminal ‘Boy in Da Corner’ album:

“Hey, stop that, start that, get that (WHAT?)”

While Dizzee handles the verses, Skepta provides the infectious hook, using a similarly hypnotic flow to the one he stamped on ‘Praise the Lord’ with A$AP Rocky. On ‘Money Right’, Skepta’s hook hammers home the need to make quick cash:

You throw a penny up the wall

Pick the money up off the floor

You grip it, you flip it

Tell the plug you need some more

Second time tonight

Tell him you need a better price

He said the weight is heavy

Tell him you need the exercise

With two juggernauts of Grime combining in such proportions, it’s only right that the video follows suit. And it does.

In this Guy Ritchie-style London cops and robbers epic, Dizzee and Skepta provide a healthy hit of humour, shotguns and pints in pubs. Flipping the vocal narrative so that the duo are police detectives themselves, the video depicts them using and abusing the perks of the job.

Every ounce of this puts the UK on the map. 

Guy Ritchie would be proud. The only thing missing is a Vinnie Jones cameo…

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