Nike delivers with spring 2019 ACG collection to celebrate 30 year reign

In 1989, Nike introduced its All Conditions Gear (ACG) collection. Its aim was simply. To create pieces of innovative athletic apparel, that took sporting gear to a new level.

To celebrate Nike’s 30 year reign in the fashion industry, they have released a Spring 2019 collection of ACG. The collection acts as a nostalgic look back on Nike’s achievement in combining the aesthetic with a technical clothing revolution. The floral and block colour prints, act to Chanel 90’s vibes and retro style.

Nike utilized ACG to bring back its three-step layering system. Firstly, with the moisture-wicking Dri-FIT wool base layer, followed by the Fleece insulation, finished with GORE-TEX fabrics. These pieces are designed by experts to not only turn heads but sustain conditions of sun, rain and extreme weather.

Nike’s brand has a real love of adventure. So, prior to releasing the collection, they got Berlin-based collective Allupinit to go on a crazy road trip wearing the new collection. Along with photographer Kane Holz, they arrived at an abandoned train track. The opportunity for the perfect lighting was seized as they photographed the clothing authentically, showing how insane this collection could really look.

Check out some of the pieces in this collection here:

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