Palace announces new Tokyo Store

And Jonah Hill’s back at it again.

It’s been a colossal week for the streetwear heavyweights at Palace, having just announced a collab’ with Ralph Lauren. Now, the British brand have confirmed the opening of an Asian flagship store in Tokyo for November 3rd.

And who better to deliver the news than Hollywood’s streetwear ambassador, Jonah Hill?

The minute-long promotional clip twists the Halloween narrative, following the Japanese protagonist’s journey through a hellish maze.

And obviously, during his pilgrimage, the protagonist is encouraged to “say no to the grabby fuckers”, and has a mild-mannered exchange with Jonah Hill’s severed head.

This is another tongue-in-cheek involvement from Jonah Hill in the Palace hype. Remember that Palace x Reebok advert from a couple years back?

These are exciting times for streetwear fans, with more big moves from Palace.

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