Tara Lily saunters back into the spotlight with her gorgeous new release “The Things You Do” taken from her debut EP ‘Lost In London’ coming out this year.

‘The Things You Do’ immediately showcases Tara’s compellingly intimate writing style. Produced by Hannah V and laced with bursts of saxophone, it’s a sultry and cutting track that puts a personal story of betrayal front and centre. Tara does not shy away from using her own feelings of hurt to manifest a newfound power that she channels into the song.

“It’s very raw and very real; the lyrical content of most of my songs are deep, I talk about things that a lot of people don’t want to talk about, and that’s why it feels like dark R&B jazz; the dark comes from those difficult but important feelings that are expressed.”

The video for “The Things You Do” is directed by Sammy King and set in Dalston’s beautiful Art Deco cinema, the ‘RIO’. ‘This is everyone’s story. This is every relationship that ever was,’ Tara says. Working with the production company Girls In Film, Tara and Sammy have created a powerful, allegorical accompaniment to the song. Watch the video here

Born in Peckham to a mixed heritage family, 22 year-old Tara Lily cut her teeth learning jazz whilst growing up around notable beatmakers and rappers in South London. Straddling a classical determination to her musical craft and a love for the street life around her, Tara Lily has developed a unique dark R&B jazz sound that immediately defines her against the UK landscape.

Her first release, ‘Who Saw Who’, produced by Jammer (BBK), showcased her uncut jazz vocals float over a grime instrumental and since its release has surpassed one million streams. Its innovative clash was immediately picked up by Virgil Abloh, pricking  the ears of Motown Records UK, who instantly signed her as their first British artist! With critical acclaim coming immediately across the heavyweight tastemakers including i-DCOMPLEXTHE FADER, and NMEthe stage seems primed for Tara’s breakout year; mark her as an essential new voice for 2021.

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