WATCH: ABISHA drops all-inclusive visuals for ‘CONFUSED’

Rising R&B newcomer ABISHA is having quite the moment. The unmistakably British singer-songwriter follows the rapid success of previous singles ‘All That’, ‘Project X’ and ‘Nothing Matters’ with another effortless slice of her signature sound on ‘Confused’.

‘Confused’ is an honest confession of one’s feelings towards a complicated relationship. ABISHA shows her vulnerability through lyrics that encapsulate the hurt of being with someone who is not ready to accept themselves. There is a level of intimacy in the song that evokes a feeling of longing and confusion. ABISHA fuses alt-pop with R&B to create an ambient sound driven by a mellow baseline that puts the listener in a hazy trance. The video details beautiful moments of euphoria as well as moments of sadness. It was directed by Moe Swaleh, who recently directed ‘Slow Up’ by Jacob Banks.

ABISHA says,” I’m so excited to be releasing my fourth single, ‘Confused’. It showcases another side to my style and I feel that it enables listeners to get to know me more as an artist. Inevitably my sound is developing all the time and ‘Confused’ represents the growth and transformation within this. The song’s lyrics tell a story about doing everything you can in a relationship and it never seeming to be enough, confused at what more could have been done, and feeling like everything was just a blur.”

Since releasing her debut last year, ABISHA has drawn praise across i-D, High Snobiety, Hunger Magazine, Complex, Nylon and received immediate additions across Spotify playlists including New Music Friday UK, Spotify & Chill and Soultronic. ABISHA was also chosen as one of the artists to collaborate with Barbour on their Summer Barbour International campaign, rounding off summer 2018 with a performance at Electric Picnic in Dublin.

After a chance meeting at a South East London bar with legendary songwriter/producer Mike Chapman, ABISHA’s vulnerable yet evocative songwriting was spurred into action. Chapman is one of the most successful songwriters and producers globally, defining the British pop music scene of the 70s. Responsible for the likes of Blondie’s iconic ‘Parallel Lines’ album, he’s also recently worked with FKA Twigs.

Since honing her alt-R&B sound with Chapman, ABISHA’s ready to push the boundaries of what the genre is capable of. Some artists reveal themselves in an instant. Others take the long way around, each release peeling back the layers of self slowly. For ABISHA, the case is very much the latter and unmistakably all on her own terms.

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