Get ready to embark on a sonic journey as Professor Paws unveils his latest masterpiece, “Sun Shine Bright.” Following a series of remarkable achievements, this sensational track is set to captivate audiences around the world with its infectious beats and melodies. Anton Powers, a renowned Dance DJ, has also created a dance remix of it too.

Building on the success of his previous single, ‘Bruk Up’, which has already amassed over 3 million streams across various platforms, Professor Paws continues to make waves in the music scene. This exceptional artist has consistently soared to new heights, with ‘Bruk Up’ getting regular plays across radio stations such as; BBC, Capital Xtra among others. It was as handpicked as the jingle for Sian Anderson’s highly regarded weekly show. This selection speaks volumes about the track’s ability to resonate with listeners and leave a lasting impression.

Furthermore, dance music aficionado Anton Powers, known for his exceptional remixing skills, created a mesmerising dance remix of ‘Bruk Up’. This collaboration has breathed new life into the track, infusing it with an irresistible energy that will undoubtedly have fans dancing to the rhythm.

‘Bruk up’ also reached impressive positions on prestigious charts having secured a spot at number 10 on MTV Europe Dance charts, and number 16 on MTV’s Club Big 20 chart. It peaked at number 6 on Music Week Black Music Club chart and number 10 on Commercial Music chart, showcasing Professor Paws’ ability to connect with diverse audiences.

Its undeniable appeal has also made a lasting impression in Ghana, securing a prominent position within the top 100 on Apple Music Ghana charts. With over 1 million streams on Boomplay and Apple Music across West Africa alone. Further solidifying Professor Paws’ talent, potential and undoubtedly him making his mark on the regional music scene.

Stay tuned for the release of ‘Sun Shine Bright’ and join Professor Paws on this extraordinary musical journey.

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