Why Has Shawn Stussy Just Applied For a New Trademark & Logo?

Shawn Stussy has filed a new trademark for “Shawn” which includes the design for a new logo. The application was officially filed by Stussy’s S/Double Corporation the day before the streetwear pioneer came out of retirement for Dior Men’s 2020 fall collection in Miami.

As yet, the application is still pending. According to documents, the trademark application has been accepted (has met the minimum filing requirements) but has not yet been assigned to an examiner.

Nevertheless, this is good news for fans of the streetwear legend. The Dior collaboration was his biggest project since he departed Stüssy in 1996. That alone was enough to reignite significant interest in the beloved American designer. Now, whether this trademark application means a revival of the S/Double or a completely new line, we can be sure to expect even more great things from the veteran designer in 2o2o.

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