Get ready to embark on a sonic journey as dynamic Alex and Rio Smokiecoco bring a sweet new flavour to UK Rap, delivering a lively and in-your-face anthem that embodies motivation and a carefree spirit. 

The track ‘It’s All Good’ produced by Clayton Penrose-Whitmore, mixed and mastered by Anthony Osbourne (Zion records), is a testimony to Smokiecoco’s unwavering determination and passion for music. Yet, it’s a reminder to people to not take things too seriously. The song’s lyrics playfully capture their experience, making it clear that behind the mic, they are two brothers having fun, just as brothers do. The bright instrumentation and smile-along sample create a lively and memorable summer anthem that will leave listeners hitting the repeat button. Perfect track to turn the speakers up and turn the windows down. 

 Following a series of remarkable achievements, the brothers have amassed an impressive online following with over 400,000 views on YouTube, 200,000 plays on TikTok, and 100,000 streams across platforms. 

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