London songstress Kate Stewart is back with more of her RnB drenched take on pop, releasing the upbeat track ‘Get Mine’ this week, which is likely to become the next edition to our summer soundtrack. The track combines her signature RnB style with smooth production, sensual vocals and hints of throwback pop, and we are loving it. Writing the track with three of her closest friends, MNEK, Ryan Ashley and Shift K3Y, ‘Get Mine’ gets us in the mood for more of Kate’s soulful RnB infused pop, which I am sure we will be hearing a lot more of this year. 

“We had never written all together before, although we all write separately a lot of the time. We wrote the song in about an hour, and it soon became one of my favourites tunes I’ve ever made. It’s a very cheeky concept, we all really had a laugh when writing it. I feel like it brings out my personality, within the lyrics and the melodies.” 

Ending 2018 on a high by releasing her fragrant, intoxicating and addictive EP In The Beginning, this new track sets the tone for what is to come from Kate this 2019. Showcasing beautiful and angelic harmonies with minimalist production and soulful sounds, her new music comes as a bold introduction. Kate’s newfound creative freedom and magical musical evolution is inspiring her to churn out new sounds that have become a welcomed addition to our growing summer track list. If this is just the beginning, then we are very very excited about what is to come from Kate Stewart.

Take a listen to the track here.

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