Houston Makes Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld Day’ Official Holiday.

One of the hottest names in not only Hip-Hop but Popular Culture right now, Travis Scott keeps making waves.

Released on the 3rd of August 2018, Scott’s long-awaited album Astroworld is a certified smash, with Sicko Mode having accrued over 320 million streams on Spotify alone.

Merging husky vocal tones with trippy beats – and even more hallucinogenic visual accompanimentsAstroworld can be regarded as a kind of love letter to Scott’s hometown of Houston.

That’s because the album’s name is borrowed from a former mega theme park in the Texan hub. The rapper said to Rolling Stone that Astroworld had represented “a way of life – fantasies, imagination.” This was before the site was bought out and demolished, taking with it fond youthful memories of Houston.

Scott paid homage to the lost land of fantasy with Astroworld Festival, which took place on Saturday the 16th of November. The top-draw lineup – including Young Thug and Lil Wayne – wasn’t even announced until one day before the festival. Not that this stopped all the tickets from selling out…

On Sunday the 18th of November, Travis Scott and the people of Houston were awarded a new official public holiday – ‘Astroworld Day’. Announced on the city’s official Twitter account, Astroworld Day was crowned by Scott delivering a heartfelt speech to many of the area’s youth. Reflecting on the drive which had propelled his stratospheric rise, Scott encouraged the local young people to work hard and to follow their dreams. Here’s a snippet of his speech below…




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