Lev Tanju Gives Palace x Ralph Lauren Update.

BIG NEWS for streetwear fans as Palace and Ralph Lauren have announced a collaboration.

The two colossal brands – representing the UK and the US respectively – have teased the world with minimal info on a mouthwatering collection.

In cryptic style typical of Palace, the line was announced to the world through the emergence of towering billboards in Tokyo and Seoul yesterday.

Not only will the collection be dope, but it also pays testament to how far Lev Tanju’s Palace has come since its launch as an independent skate brand in 2009.

Speaking to ‘Business of Fashion’, Tanju remained coy. He stated that the billboards “tell you everything that you need to know right there.”

Palace co-founder, Gareth Skewis, broke character briefly:

“It’s the only brand that you can wear to a board meeting, a funeral and go to the football in — and all in the same day. We don’t want to rest on our laurels and do boring stuff; we want to keep it fun and exciting.”


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