Kanye Cuts Political Ties.

Following a tumultuous few months for Kanye West – which have seen him claim that slavery was a “choice” and call for the abolition of the 13th Amendment – it seems that Yeezy’s venture into politics may have finally ground to a halt.

His recent visit to the White House was met with uproar and disgrace by Yeezy fans and fellow celebrities alike. During this televised Oval Office meeting, West hugged Donald Trump and waxed lyrical about the President’s political acumen.

This weekend, Kanye was further embroiled in Trump’s politics. This followed claims that he had designed the logo for “Blexit”, a pro-Trump initiative run by Turning Point USA which calls for African Americans to leave the Democratic Party.

Speaking at Turning Point’s Young Black Leadership Summit, Candace Owens unveiled new “Blexit” merchandise, saying: “I am blessed to say that this logo, these colours, were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero, Kanye West.”.

West swiftly went to Twitter to detach himself from the “Blexit” merchandise:

This is before he embarked on a spree of unusual Tweets which announced his forthcoming political abstinence:

Such a quick change of mind has given reason for many to point towards West’s alleged mental health battles, which seemingly came to a head when he was checked into the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre with ‘stress’ and ‘exhaustion’.

For Trump, West’s apparent epiphany will surely be an irritation, with Kanye having been the marquee black endorsement for his presidency thus far.

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