If you ever wanted to see what two of the most well-established brands in the world looked like when they came together, you would need not look further that Tommy Hilfiger and Coco-Cola’s latest venture.

In the mid 1980’s, Tommy Hilfiger, who was relatively unknown as a designer at the time, launched the first-ever Coca-Cola Clothes collection. The collaboration had played a big part in kick-starting the young designer’s career. Now more than thirty years later they are reuniting in order to reissue these signature styles with modern street style flair.

The American giants joined forces to create a clash of colourful garments under the collection name Tommy Jeans Coco-Cola capsule. The coalition works a dream as both brands are so deeply rooted in American’s pop cultural heritage. Taking the iconic branding of Coca-Cola’s logo and intertwining this with the bold vibrancy of Tommy’s striped branding, fuses their identities in the perfect partnership.

The collection boasts bold sweats, rugby style shirts, hoodies, tees and more. See it online and in-stores to shop the whole range.

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